Our Philosophy

The Zamani Foundation’s most basic mission is to educate youth for a life of opportunity and hope.

Our development activities are part of a “whole person” initiative that span an entire life.

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.“

Our "four pillar model" aims

To drive communities of impoverished children toward the upward cycle that Confucius wrote of centuries ago – and take the children of our world to great new heights.


IDPs were Provided
with winter clothes


We are committed to communities. The Zamani Foundation believes in understanding and living among the individuals we aim to help, offering basic life necessities to people with names and stories we know.

68 kids

removed from the


We believe in the potential within every individual, and we know that education is the key to unlock it. The Zamani Foundation helps to provide basic knowledge and general skills/training – often through other institutions such as orphanages and refugee camps – to children disadvantaged by war and poverty.


disadvantaged girls were
taught vocational skills


We understand that economies grow as individuals come to realize their capabilities to provide for themselves. The Zamani Foundation works to promote specialized skills training, technical education, and work opportunities that will lay the foundation for the development of communities at large.


Increased Volunteer


We empower individuals who have a passion to improve their neighborhoods, nations, and world and support them to see their initiatives come to life. We understand that making the world a better place is a team effort, and by empowering our communities we are able to see our vision multiply its reach.



of Zamani Foundation initiatives led by community leaders


Provided Internet access to


skills training initiatives



Increased volunteer involvement

Our Work

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Our capacity to do good is limited only by our imagination.

What support do you need to take the next step toward realizing your dream? The Zamani Foundation provides committed individuals opportunities for their world-changing ideas to be heard.

On a rolling basis throughout the year, The Zamani Foundation accepts applications from visionaries who are eager to put their dreams into action. Apply for a Funding Opportunity here.

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Our Team

Meet the visionary volunteers who work daily to create a better world

Mustafa Zamani

is passionate about community building at all levels. Giving back and helping others is his primary motivation and life’s work. Mustafa uses his visionary and entrepreneurial leadership skills to shape and guide the philanthropic activities of The Zamani Foundation.

Ayman Bekdash

employs his exceptional operations and business development services to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Zamani Foundation activities. Using the insights he gained in the Fulbright international educational exchange and his understanding of other cultures, Ayman ensures that each current and proposed project supports the broader goals of the Foundation.

Aziz Doraney

possesses both a generous spirit and a keen eye for detail. He uses these qualities to closely monitor Zamani Foundation initiatives, troubleshoot operational issues, and ensure that the children are fully aware of the activities undertaken on their behalf. A hands-on leader, he personally oversees ongoing efforts and identifies potential outreach opportunities.

Ian Galloway

uses his outstanding communication skills and linguistic abilities to advocate for the Foundation. He also plays a key role in planning and organizing specific Zamani Foundation initiatives.

Andre Van Rooyen

is a passionate supporter who serves as a liaison between our foundation and partner organizations. His enthusiasm for helping others has led him to seek out many new opportunities for growth and service.

Stef De Bruyn

manages our efforts in the Middle East region. His dynamic commitment to the Foundation has permitted us to expand our outreach programs; he expertly maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.


Our story is a collection of accomplishments.

Determined to give back to the world in gratitude for the blessings in his life, founder Mustafa Zamani, wanted others to have the same chances that he did.

5,500 kids assisted
65+ initiatives conducted
3,000 school supplies donated

Determined to give back to the world in gratitude for the blessings in his life, founder Mustafa Zamani, wanted others to have the same chances that he did.

Mustafa Zamani envisioned a Foundation that would generously give back to communities around the world.

Mustafa founded an IT institute to give Afghans in diaspora access to better job opportunities and hopes for a brighter future.

Mustafa, shown in the foreground, teaches computer hardware and software skills.

Mustafa Zamani taught computer skills to 800 Afghans in diaspora

Hands-on maintenance and repair courses provided the valuable vocational skills needed to secure more reliable jobs.

As Mustafa successfully grew his businesses, his ventures provided the funds necessary to launch the Zamani Foundation.

6,500 familes supported
15,000 pencils donated
13,850 books donated

Our volunteers provide more than supplies to those in need – they provide comfort, hope, and inspiration


Our story is ever-evolving.

"Our mission is educating youth for a life of opportunity and hope"
- Mustafa Zamani
Initiatives in 6 countries
Spanning over 4 continents

Every day, Zamani Foundation volunteers work toward the goals of youth engagement, education, employment, and empowerment.

Our national and international initiatives can be scaled to ensure our ongoing involvement – regardless of changes in business, political or social climates.

33,000 pounds of food donated
1,500 winter clothes kits provided
150 IDP families supported

Zamani Foundation volunteers are empowered to take the actions that we believe will make the most meaningful contribution to the people we serve.

The Zamani Foundation is continuously expanding its footprint and adding strategic partners who are equally committed to building strong communities.


Our story isn’t complete without you.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
- Margaret Mead
750 pairs of shoes donated
6 surgeries funded in 2017
80 teachers employed

As mentors and friends, Zamani Foundation volunteers share stories of their struggles as well as their accomplishments.

65 full time volunteers
2,000 refugees supported
5 years supporting
Memorial Day Flowers Foundation

The Zamani Foundation is planning a series of initiatives that will focus on leadership, civic action, and personal empowerment.

AUFA Police association Rick Burns $5K

We are planning to build centers and public libraries in different communities and developing national programs to serve people are among our goals for the near future.

What matters to us is progress toward the goal – further development as a global citizens to bring light to the world.” - Mustafa Zamani

The Zamani Foundation is now a global force for good that will continue to grow.