Initiatives Toward a Bright Future

The Mustafa Zamani Center serves as an educational hub to equip people with the tools they need to pursue their dreams, whether vocational or educational.

Mustafa Zamani Center Exterior

Step inside to explore multiple subjects, technological vocations, and discover new talents along with passions for learning. Mustafa Zamani is creating space where communities can develop their skills, pursue their futures, and learn new ways they can contribute to their communities.

The Center Will Have
Four Indoor Sections

Mustafa Zamani Center Library


A dedicated space for studying, reading, and research to take place. An area to foster learning and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Mustafa Zamani Center Community Hub

Community Hub

A place where the community comes together to hold meetings and lectures to further education as a cohesive group.

Mustafa Zamani Center Technology Lab

Technology Lab

Top-notch technology resources are available to the community through this space. People can take advantage of the equipment provided to develop their own projects and initiatives.

Mustafa Zamani Center Innovation Classroom

Innovation Classroom

An innovative space for each person to reach their maximum potential. This space will be used for sharing and extending knowledge.

Outside the Community Will Be
Able to Enjoy the Following Areas

Mustafa Zamani Center Playground


A dynamic outdoor area for families to come together. The space will allow children to optimize their learning through interactive activities.

Mustafa Zamani Center Garden


An outdoor area for the community to connect with nature while learning to embrace the environment around them.

The Center will be a bold re-imagining of the educational system and active community involvement. This center will be a newly constructed building with resources primarily dedicated to the educational enrichment of people of all ages. The Center will also serve as a community gathering place for studying and discussing topics of interest; vocational training, arts, computer studies, and language training.

Mustafa Zamani Center Exterior

The Mustafa Zamani Center’s goal is to celebrate how far Afghanistan has come and how far it will go. The Center is meant to inspire all to celebrate the leaders of tomorrow, honor the leaders of the past, and to equip youth with the tools they need to pursue a bright future.