Mustafa Zamani Schools Logo
Initiatives Toward a Bright Future

The Zamani Foundation is committed to promoting and fostering education to children all over the world.
We believe that education is the key to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Mustafa Zamani School Exterior

Our goal is to build schools for multiple communities throughout Afghanistan. These schools will give the gift of education to our children and set them up for better opportunities.

Mustafa Zamani School Entrance

These schools will provide children with a place to develop themselves through education. Each school will be equipped with the resources to help every child take their learning to the next level. Children will also have dedicated outdoor spaces to further expand their education through physical activities.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Classroom


The classrooms are the cornerstone of our schools. Here children will be able to develop strong leadership skills and expand their educational knowledge.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Cafe


A place for children and students to refuel. This café will offer healthy food options for everyone at the school to enjoy.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground

A dedicated space for the children to play Afghanistan’s beloved game of cricket. The field can be used for an extension of a physical education class or for recreational play.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Cricket Ground

Football Ground

This space is dedicated for children to play be active. The football field is versatile and can be utilized for other activities that can help with physical fitness.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Green Area

Green Area

This area allows teachers to take the classroom outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. The students can also utilize the space for outdoor activities.

Mustafa Zamani Schools Overview

Our long-term goal is to build these schools all over Afghanistan to be able to provide the gift of education to as many children as we possibly can. We see education as the key and foundation to building the leaders of tomorrow.