Our Team in Action

Helping today for a safer tomorrow - Our team supported communities by distributing face masks to people all over the world to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Investing in education, investing in the future - Zamani Foundation makes education a priority by giving children all over the world access to a great education. Our team makes sure children are set up to reach their fullest potential with all the tools they need.

Inspire people to take action and change the world - Our team’s work exemplifies how anyone can make an impact and empower others to support those around them.

Make an impact through giving - Zamani Foundation has donated food to families all over the globe. Our team goes out into communities to give support directly to the people who need it most.

Help where it’s needed most and build up the community – We work hard to give back to others during difficult times. Our team supports communities around the world in order to help them overcome hardships.

Staying active in protecting communities - Zamani Foundation is constantly looking for places and communities where we can make an impact. Our team is constantly looking for new opportunities where we can make a difference.

People working together for good - Zamani Foundation is proud to produce inspirational content for everyone to see. We strive to create content that showcases what we do and inspires others to make a difference.

Leading the Way to Healing - Zamani Foundation is proud to support communities who need it the most. Our team responded fast after the devastating Kabul University attack by reaching out to families affected and repairing some of the damage done to the university buildings.